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WSM Stone quarry Wheel forklift Loader Maintenance



Maintaining your wheel forklift loader is simple if you follow a wheel loader inspection checklist. It should cover all service points, including:
· Operator cab
· Engine
· Cooling system
· Brake system
· Steering system
· Fluids & lubrication
· Hydraulics
· Electrical system

First of all, daily inspections alert the operator to potential breakdowns before they happen by revealing signs of wear and tear. The operator should check all fluids and do a visual check of tires, belts, and safety equipment. Pre- and post-use inspections provide an extra layer of safety that only costs a few moments each day.
Next, periodic maintenance by service personnel should be scheduled and performed without fail. Of course, it’s a good idea to keep records of all maintenance. Such records will prove to be invaluable, whether you’re evaluating the service life of your machines or trying to sell the equipment back to a dealer.
Another thing to consider is that operating your wheel loaders in harsh environments, or for extended periods, will require more frequent maintenance. If your operators are properly trained, they can help limit damage to your wheel loader, and will be more equipped to handle issues when maintenance items come up.

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